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Pastor at Awakening Church in the Silicon Valley and doctoral candidate at Duke University. Author of DISTANT GOD and LESS OF MORE:

From Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” (1988)

H.L. Mencken, probably about to complain about something

Dr. Michael Gazzaniga with one of the first tachistoscopes, which he built for his split-brain research subjects.

The first photographic image of a black hole from NASA (April, 2019)

“Knives Out” (2019)

Ancient Egyptian art depicting the slave trade of its day

Calling of Abraham by St. Savin (1040–1090) at Abbaye de Saint-Savin in Vienne France

“The Trinity,” by Andrei Rublev (circa 15th century)

“The Ladder of Jacob,” 16th Century Greek Orthodox fresco

Chris Nye

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